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The most imortant works of Piet Mondrian.

(1908) Mill in Sunlight
Mill in Sunlight
(1908) Avond (Evening); Red Tree
Red Trees
(1908) Chrysanthemum [5]
(1908) Evening, Red Tree
(1908) Windmill by the Water
(1909) Landscape
(1909-10) The Red Tree
(1910) Amaryllis
(1910-11) Evolution
(1910-11) The Red Mill [6]
(1911) Gray Tree
(1911) Horizontal Tree
(1911) Still Life with Ginger Pot I [7] -- cubist
(1912) Still Life with Ginger Pot II [8] -- simplified
(1912) Apple Tree in Bloom
(1912-1913) Trees
(1912-1914) Scaffoldings
(1913) Composition No. II; Composition in Line and Color
(1915) Ocean 5
(1917) Composition III with Color Planes
(1918) Composition with Color Planes and Gray Lines 1
(1918) Composition with Gray and Light Brown
(1919) Composition with Grid VII
(1919) Composition: Checkerboard, Dark Colors
(1920) Composition A: Composition with Black, Red, Gray, Yellow, and Blue
(1920) Composition with Black, Red, Gray, Yellow, and Blue [9]
(1921) Composition with Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Gray
(1921) Tableau I, with Red, Black, Blue and Yellow
Composition with Red Blue Yellow
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(1921) Lozenge Composition with Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, and Gray
(1921) Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray
(1921) Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue
(1922) Composition with Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red
(1922) Composition
(1925) Lozenge Composition with Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow
(1925) Lozenge Composition with Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow, and Black [10]
(1927) Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue
(1929) Fox Trot; Lozenge Composition with Three Black Lines
(1930) Composition with Yellow Patch
(1930) Composition with Yellow
(1932) Composition with Blue and Yellow
(1935–42) Composition No. III Blanc-Jaune
(1935–42) Rhythm of Straight Lines [11]
(1935–42) Rhythm of Black Lines (painting)
(1936) Composition blanc, rouge et jaune or Composition in White, Black and Red
(1936) Vertical Composition with Blue and White
(1937–42) Abstraction
(1939–42) Composition No. 8
(1939–42) Painting
(1939–1942) Composition No. 10
(1941-42) New York City I
(1942-43) Broadway Boogie Woogie
Broadway Boogie Woogie
(1943) Place de la Concorde [13]
(1943–44) Victory Boogie Woogie
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